Medical SEO – 7 tips to increase your visibility on Google in the Healthcare field

Medical SEO

What are 7 medical SEO tips to really increase your visibility on Google in the healthcare sector?

Asking this question is more than permissible. To understand its importance, it is good to analyze a brief scenario. How? By examining how and where people search for health information in their daily lives.

Who do patients refer to before seeing a doctor instead of another doctor? Where do they book a visit to a particular medical center? And how will they know they need expert advice? Moreover, where do they find out about the proposed treatment and the treatment to follow? And what medicines to take?

Why should you invest in Healthcare SEO?

Recent studies have shed light on how, today, about 73% of people use search engines to find a trusted doctor. Ask Google before asking friends and relatives.

In addition, it is estimated that 89% of people use search engines to find answers to their health concerns. You look for symptoms on the Internet for self-diagnosis or to understand what is bothering you.

In short, people get information on Google daily. So rely on the Internet to improve your knowledge in the field of health. They look for information on diseases in medicine but also compare the opinions of dentists, physiotherapists, surgeons, and various specialized centers. After all, after informing themselves, always through the Internet, they make bookings and visit one structure instead of another.

It’s easy to understand why a solid web presence is important for those working in the healthcare sector. By being present on search engines, we can find the perfect match between supply and demand where different users go to get information. Google, in fact, is constantly searching for medical information. Therefore, questions should be answered with an accurate and timely offer.

The Internet appears to be the most democratic place in the world. Everyone finds space. The point is that not all, however, find visibility. Here’s why the 7 tips for medical SEO become as precious as gold.


Medical SEO in the Healthcare field: how to get visibility

You can only increase your visibility on Google if Google itself believes that you are satisfactorily answering the questions of its users. Because of this, search engines reward sites with maximum visibility. Hence, these sites can respond to answer the most probable questions of any Internet user, whether on their computer, tablet, or even better from their smartphone.

The Google search results are generated, in fact, using an algorithm. It aims to place in the first places the sites able to provide the most interesting answers to search queries.

In addition to this, many ranking factors enter the Google algorithm. And it allows the search engine to reward one site rather than another.


What should the health structures present to obtain a good positioning? How should a physiotherapist, a gynecologist, or a dentist move to make their website reach the top places on Google? So that it can reach a much more likely increasing number of possible customers. First of all, it must improve its website and its contents at an SEO level and then implement marketing strategies in the health sector.


Medical SEO: the meaning and importance

So what does Medical SEO mean? The acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization.

When we talk about Medical SEO, we refer to the set of strategies and techniques put in place. This will help increase the visibility of a healthcare facility website or a Medical Specialist. Besides, it helps to improve its position in the rankings of search engines or the unpaid results, also known as organic.

The optimization goes through the site’s structure, the website’s tree, HTML code, internal links, and all textual content. However, the management of incoming links or Backlinks should not be underestimated.

A practical example? Let’s say that a user, playing at home with their children or on the pitch with friends, has stretched a muscle. The chances of this person searching the Internet to solve this problem are very high. By opening Google, the potential patient will find a lot of information on how muscle strains are treated. Besides, they also get various information on medical centers that provide:

  • State-of-the-art physiotherapists.
  • Latest generation machinery.
  • Innovative techniques for muscle recovery in the shortest time possible.

In this sea of information, full of sharks, how will the userland be right in your center? Even knowing that you always need a little bit of luck, it is always good to give a little help to the Blindfolded Goddess. In fact, most users are quite lazy. Unlikely to see the entire first page of Google and all the proposed results. Users rarely reach the second page of the search engine. This is why it is important to climb the SERP and get first place, that is, greater visibility. If you arrive in the first three or four results, the user is much more likely to enter your site. And book a visit to your office to get treatment. Hence, it will become a long-term loyal client.

The user can find you thanks to SEO optimization in the health field. If your site content is unique, you will be first on Google with a video in which you show how to massage a muscle. Or because you are in the first place, thanks to the post on your blog where you explain in a simple and effective way what distortions are and how they are treated and prevented.

Let’s look at 7 popular medical SEO tips to increase your visibility on Google in healthcare.


7 tips for medical SEO: improve the visibility of your site

So how to move on the web? What SEO techniques need to be put into practice? Let’s discuss:


  1. Create sites and pages for users, not search engines. Try to constantly think like a user and, therefore, what you would look for on Google to get the performance offered. Internet sites are not meant to tell others how good and beautiful you are. There is no technical competition. Whoever has the most beautiful site does not win, but only the one that responds best to the search engine parameters.                                                                                                                                                       
  2. Think about what makes your healthcare facility or dentist business and website unique. What sets you apart from others? Focus on your strengths, your values ​​, and the relationship you want to have with your patients.
  3. Create a site capable of performing on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops, with a well-thought-out structure that is easy to understand by any user. Make the user experience easy and immediate by trying to offer the answers immediately they are looking for. And then ‘entice’ them by offering other information that is equally interesting and that they might like to read.
  4. Create original, clear, and above all, easy-to-find content. By listening to your patients and their questions and needs, you will be able to understand how to give them all the answers on the Internet.
  5. Optimize the images but also the videos that you are going to insert on the site. These images and videos must relate to your business or be relevant to the content offered.
  6. It winks at local SEO aiming to become authoritative, especially in the area where you operate.
  7. Monitor incoming links. The more authoritative they are, the better the reputation you will acquire on the web.

Healthcare marketing: from users to customers

Having good visibility is certainly important, but that’s not all. Yes, it is necessary to implement Medical SEO techniques. And it is also crucial to improve the positioning of the website of your health facility. Still, it is also necessary to boost the presence on the web and on social networks and create a good reputation. The name of the doctor’s office must be able to make space on the Internet and be recognized by users. Your patients must also be able to leave reviews through social networks and promote you on different channels.

For this, you must get in touch with a professional healthcare marketing company. They can help you reach the first position on Google search results.

If you’re considering hiring a trustworthy company’s services, count on us. We’ll go whole the nine yards to provide you Best Healthcare SEO Services.

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