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95% of Internet users have Google as their main search engine. If we translate this into real numbers, over 302 million users in the USA alone. Therefore, if you have a dental clinic and if you want to attract more clients through the internet, it is vitally important to have a good SEO strategy.

But, before learning to run, it is necessary to know how to walk. Do you know what SEO for dentists is and how it can help you attract more clients?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of strategies and techniques that are carried out on a website. So that, when a related search is done on Google, your website appears at the top of the SERPs.

However, appearing in the first positions when looking for dentists in the USA is quite challenging. Because there are more than 196,999 clinics in our territory, almost all of them have an online presence. Therefore, SEO for dental clinics is essential to gain visibility and get users to reach your website and not the competition. Do you want to know how? Take note of these techniques and conquer the top of the first page of Google results.

SEO strategies for a dental clinic

  • Keywords as a fundamental element of the strategy

The first thing you have to define are the keywords with the highest search volume. For this, you have to know how the user behaves when making a query about dental clinics. And define them correctly will intensely condition the success of your SEO strategy for dentists. To do this, we recommend using SemRush.

Once your keywords have been defined, it is time to establish a content marketing strategy to include them. It is very important to satisfy your clients’ information needs, creating valuable content. In addition, it can be very useful to incorporate a blog section for information since the reader will be a person interested in your work and a possible future client.

  • Website structure                        

As you know, the website is the nerve center of any company’s online marketing strategy. Therefore, special attention must be paid to its design and internal content distribution.

First of all, your page structure should make it possible for search engines to quickly and easily crawl and inspect your website. Consequently, search engines will be aware of what your site is about and rank it in the results. This structure must be simple, clear, and intuitive so that users can easily find what they are looking for. Otherwise, they will leave your website and probably never come back.

  • Create a Sitemap

Another tip for search engines to better understand the architecture of your website is to create a sitemap. Did it just sound Chinese to you? Don’t worry. It’s simpler than you think, basically, in a list of URLs that you want to be publicly available and thus prioritize some pages so that they appear in the results more easily. I imagine that if you answered yes to the previous question, how to generate it will sound even more Chinese to you. Luckily we have solutions for everything. In this article, we explain it to you in great detail so that you are not left with any doubts “What is an XML Sitemap? How to create and generate it?

What is an XML Sitemap?

An XML Sitemap or Site Map is an XML file that collects all the domain pages, accompanied by additional data. It allows us to help search engines with organic search engine positioning.

It is made up of a series of policies that are very useful to search engine spiders when it comes to crawling and analyzing the website for the indexing or not of each of the pages of the domain.

How to create an XML Sitemap?

This task may seem complicated, but there are many methods for creating an XML Sitemap. There are some critical aspects to consider, such as what type of CMS is used, if we use plugins, or, on the contrary, online tools.

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin that adapts perfectly to the WordPress environment, although we can also use it in Prestashop.

It is recommended to follow the following steps for the creation and generation of the sitemap:

  1. Plugin installation in the CMS.
  2. Configuration of the “Basic Options” according to the needs.
  3. In “Additional Pages,” configure it according to our website requirements. It is normal to leave it empty.
  4. In “Priority of the article,” configure according to the priority of each section.
  5. In the “Sitemap Content” section, we must add (Home page, articles, static pages, and modification date).
  6. In the “Excluded elements” tab, leave it empty according to our requirements.
  7. In “Frequencies of change,” adapt the frequency to the importance of updating and reviewing each section.
  8. In “Priorities”, adapt the options as in the previous tab, “Frequencies of change”.
  9. Finally, you must inform Google of your Sitemap with Google Search Console (Crawl, Sitemaps), or you can also create a line in the robots.txt where the existence of the sitemap is indicated.

With these steps, you will be able to create and configure your complete XML Sitemap for your web page.

  • Reduce the Loading time of your website

Your website’s loading times are also an essential element for search engines, and not only for computers, but must also be optimized for mobile. The optimal loading time for a website should be about 2 seconds. Keep in mind that if you exceed this time, many of the users who enter will leave even before viewing anything. To optimize it, you can use Google PageSpeed ​​Insight.

  • Local SEO strategy for a dental clinic

When you do SEO for dental clinics, the main objective will always be to attract more customers through the website. Hence, more consumers will come to your physical location and thus achieve greater profitability. This is obvious, but how is it achieved? This is where one of the most important legs of positioning comes into play, Local SEO.

What is local SEO?

To begin defining what local SEO is, you have to know that Google knows the location of the user who performs the search and therefore prioritizes the results in the region in which they are located. That is why if you search for “Dental clinic” or “Dentist,” Google considers the location from where the search is made and offers results close to that query. On the other hand, if you search for “Dental clinic in Los Angeles” or “best dentist in Chicago,” the results returned by the search engine will be limited to that area.

Therefore, if you are a dental professional, you will need to implement actions that contemplate these facts. How? Optimize your Google My Business listing.

  • Google My Business

Google My Business is a file of your business that provides the most crucial information about your business, such as:

  • Location,
  • Contact telephone number,
  • Web address,
  • Hours,
  • Photos,
  • Customer reviews and comments, virtual visits…!

It is crucial that you focus your efforts on detailing the information in a precise and real way. In addition, Google rewards local businesses that provide the most information on the platform. Especially it rewards those that have the most reviews and comments, as well as the highest ratings.

What are the advantages of implementing a local SEO strategy for a dental clinic?

The benefits of getting the most out of Google My Business are obvious. On the one hand, you will facilitate access to contact information for your current customers. On the other, and perhaps the most relevant, you will make people who did not know you contact your business.

This is so since more than two-thirds of the appearances of business listings in Google My Business occur when users search for products or services. In other words, if we optimize the Google My Business listing for the keywords that you have previously defined, your clinic can reach a wider audience. Therefore, if you are easier to find, your number of clients will grow exponentially, thriving your business.

As you can see, the exciting world of SEO is crucial to attracting more clients in these times. However, it is a task that experts must carry out in positioning to get the most out of it. At Healthcare Marketing Agency, we have a great team of professionals that has made us a reputed Medical SEO Company. What are you waiting for to contact us?

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