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Digitalization in the health sector is already a fact. It has been something inevitable that all companies have already started and where they have created increasingly active user communities.

In the pharmaceutical sector, we can see that web pages are the main tool. They are up-to-date and have good usability. In social networks, it is published constantly, and most importantly, it allows direct communication with the doctor or health professional.

In the health sector, there have always been restrictions regarding the publication of information. That’s why the inbound marketing or content marketing technique is a very good marketing strategy to follow in this sector.

It is very important that the information offered must be reliable and rigorous. It is essential that it be from primary sources and reviewed by health sector professionals.

What is Inbound Marketing, and what does it consist of?

It is a marketing technique that consists of creating content on our websites, social networks, and newsletter. The content must be engaging and unique to attract users of our target audience. So that they know our brand and begin to follow us on the different accounts with the aim of the ultimate goal of converting them into customers.

But before starting to create content like crazy, we must establish some objectives. Content must be in line with the general objectives of the company. The ideal way for this is to create a content strategy or plan to have organized what we are going to publish.

In the content plan, we must establish which channels we are going to use and which tools we are going to use. In addition, we must set the days and hours of publication on each social network.


All web pages must have a ‘news’ or ‘blog’ section where we can constantly publish different posts. In these posts, you must discuss your services or products and information of interest to the users. Besides, here you can give them advice and guide your audience where they can have all the news about your company or where to consult the most frequently asked questions.

When we talk about a blog, we think of a written article (maximum 500 – 2000 words). But currently, users are more interested in audiovisual information such as videos on YouTube, which we can link to our website or infographics, than in a simple way. You can discuss the main points of your post in a video or infographic.


  • Identify what your goals are:

  • Choose the keywords of each of the publications (no more than five)
  • Incorporate these words in the title, header, body of the message, and the URL
  • Add external and internal links to your post
  • Look for quality and good writing, in addition to looking at SEO
  • Social media

After publishing our content on the corporate blog, it is necessary to make it more dynamic through the different social networks that the company has decided to use. It enables you to reach more users and increase your site traffic.

The most used social networks in the pharmaceutical sector are Facebook and Twitter. The first is the social network with the most users of all. We will always find our target audience here. The second is the social network where all users find out what’s new and what most of them use to keep up to date with what’s happening in their sector.

Thanks to the interest of users in visual content, YouTube is another social network that is gaining more prominence, especially in the health sector. People now prefer to see a doctor giving information in a simple way, rather than reading an article that we can get a little lost even with the use of technical terms.

It is important to publish content daily to have a greater number of followers. Moreover, it is also necessary that our website is connected to our social networks. In addition to our own content, it is advisable to share content from others to gain greater visibility.

  • Newsletter

It is another tool widely used by companies, both for external and internal communication. It allows us to collect several posts or information that we want to be read and send it together to clients so that they have it grouped.

There are many strategies that can be followed. For example, if we want to send it only to our clients, we can offer them special information that is not on the blog or inform them of the news before anyone else. If what we want is to retain new customers so that they continue buying, we can offer a special discount and create a personalized and direct channel.

The main objective of the newsletter is to retain customers. That’s why we must be careful with the day and time of sending and not be too heavy. Sending one a week or even a month would be enough so that they do not get bored of our brand.

However, it is vital is to offer quality content and send different newsletters personalized according to the tastes or interests of the clients.

  • Analyze results

Periodically, once a month can be fine. It is necessary to look at and analyze the results of all the actions we have done on the website, social networks, and newsletter. 

This will allow us to redirect marketing strategies. In addition to sharing these reports with the marketing and communication people, we must do it with the rest of our colleagues so that they have a vision of what interests our target and work based on it.

The Inbound Marketing strategy must be a joint action. It does not work separately. You have to integrate the corporate blog with SEO, social networks, and SEM and at the same time with the monthly newsletters.

Remember that the two keys in this marketing strategy are: the publication of content in different formats and is constant.

Final Thought

Inbound marketing has become critical to the success of modern healthcare practices. Healthcare marketers have the unique opportunity to use digital marketing to increase market share, improve transparency, efficiency, and engage patients.

Remember the core belief in any industry you work in, no matter who you sell your product or service. Trust is the currency of your entire business. If you are looking for a Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency, count on us to enhance your online presence.

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