How to create a digital marketing plan in the Healthcare sector?

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Developing a solid digital strategy means staying close to the latest developments and using it to your advantage. Hence, digital marketing is vital to make yourself known to patients. In this article, we’ll look at how to create a digital marketing plan in the healthcare sector.

Why do you need a digital Marketing Plan in the healthcare sector?

Today, the quality of patient satisfaction has changed significantly! You cannot just stand out in the patient’s mind as a healthcare professional by providing proper care. You also need to provide the best service experience for your patients. People already have a wealth of information about their life and work issues, requirements, and solutions, including health needs and desires in the digital age.

Therefore, you need to follow the right marketing strategy so that every time your potential patient seeks medical help online, they will find you at the top of the search results, not your competitors.

Currently, many companies in healthcare are interested in communication and digital marketing to enhance their ROI. Although it is a sector with some barriers to fully exploiting this field, many companies are already adapting to this new environment.

The main benefit in this sector is the high regulation of the Advertising and Sale of Medicines and Health Products/Medical Devices. At the moment, few professionals in the sector explore the new possibilities offered by the world of communication and digital marketing, some out of fear and others out of ignorance.

Healthcare sectors can avail of the benefits of digital marketing by following some simple guidelines that we present below.

To create a digital marketing plan, it is necessary to be clear about where we are, what we have, and where we want to go. Let’s break it all down below:

Analysis of the external environment

We will start by collecting information on how the health sector is doing, what the trends are, and what consumers are looking for. At this point, it is necessary to analyze the following aspects:

Competing Companies: We must know who we are dealing with, what they offer, and how they differ from us. It is necessary to study the four direct competitors and learn everything about them.

Communication channels used in the sector: In addition, we must know which means of communication our competitors are using. Besides, we have to know which communication channel works best for our target audience and for the objectives we want to achieve.

Strategies that work: When it comes to learning and education, we need to have a general idea of ​​the communication and digital marketing campaigns, strategies, and tactics that work in the health sector or for communication.

Target audience: This is another of the most important points at this point in the analysis. You have to know:

  • What does your target audience expect to achieve from your service/product?
  • How do they get information about your services, and how do you communicate with them?
  • How you make decisions in the health sector,
  • Or what factors will make you the best option from your competitor? All this will help you make a higher level of customer support.

Analysis of internal factors

Just like it is important to know how the market and our competitors are doing, we must also be aware of our marketing team’s digital marketing tools and capability.

We must take into account several aspects:

  • Who from our team will be in charge of developing the plan, or if we have to hire someone new to dominate this digital environment.
  • What channels do we have active: social networks, blogs, and websites.
  • What information or documentation do we need to implement these strategies?

Once we have analyzed all this, it is necessary to carry out a SWOT of the company. It helps you to analyze what we are good at, what we need to improve, and what opportunities we have in the market.


Having analyzed the situation, it is time to decide what is the main objective and the secondary objectives that we pursue in order to be clear about what strategies we must implement. There are two types of goals:

Positioning objective: This would be our main objective when we are a little-known company, and we need to be seen, or when we have a new product, we also need to make it known before selling it.

Sales objective: Of course, all companies want to sell, so the sales objective must be present, either as a secondary one in the cases explained above or as the main one when we are already known. We must not forget at this point that our clients produce the achievement of sales objectives.

Goals should always be SMART. What does this mean?

  • Specific _
  • Measurable _
  • Attainable
  • Relevant (Relevant)
  • Time – Related

Strategies and tactics

Define the strategies that you will follow in the coming year according to the objective that you want to achieve. Each strategy and action that you will carry out will help you make your budget.

Measure the results and establish the KPIs

Once we have the entire digital marketing plan in place, it is necessary to measure everything we have been doing to check what has worked and what has not. Therefore, it is essential to establish specific KPIs for each strategy, see the results, redirect them, or continue along the same path. Thanks to all the existing digital analytics tools, the digital ROI is something absolutely tangible.

Hire the Services of a Reliable Medical Marketing Agency

Creating a marketing strategy begins with defining the goals, objectives, and profits you want to achieve. Next, review all the available resources and resources that you need and develop a final strategy on what, when, and how to achieve these goals. Digital healthcare marketing is unique because it provides the most cost-effective way to reach potential customers or patients at critical times so that potential patients do not waste their time. Hiring a professional is an ideal way to create digital marketing strategies. At our Medical Marketing Agency, we focus on developing a healthcare marketing strategy that considers all aspects of your business, including potential patients and competitors.

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