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A website must be easy to visit and well-designed. Besides, it’s tailored to your target group. These elements will help you build a positive UX in the medical website or pharmaceutical store. What does UX mean? How does it affect the success of your business?

What is User Experience?

The User Experience (UX) concerns anything that has to do with the experience lived by a user at the exact moment in which he is using your website.  

The digital world usually involves communicating with software or sites. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that UX is significant when it comes to e-commerce.

Ensuring a good user experience for your customers means making your online pharmacy easy to use. Further, it is simpler at all stages of the purchase process.

In other words, the well-designed UX is that it allows customers to…

  • Find products that interest them.
  • Add them to the cart.
  • Choose a delivery method.
  • Payment

This way, you can confirm that your clienteles become repeat customers who come back to buy from you. Hence, you can beat the competition.

In addition, UX greatly influences the ranking of your website in Google searches. In May 2021, Google already announced a new algorithm update: Page Experience.

While your main goal is to get to the top of the search results and get more traffic, you need to get people to buy your products. So how can this be achieved? This is where UX decides the fate of your online store!

What is the UX of an online Pharmaceutical store influenced by?

  • Tailor your website to your target audience

User experience is the process of designing and customizing aspects of a website. Such as software, interface, and content, to meet user needs and wants.

But to actually implement this strategy, you must first know your customers and your target audience well.

No matter how beautiful your online Pharmaceutical store is, if it is not usable and the service does not meet the customer’s needs, the look is enough to motivate him to complete the purchase.

The user experience is not limited to graphic and visual elements like colors, languages, and hues you use when sending content to your site visitors. It is also imperative to choose a font size that is convenient and easy to read for everyone. In addition, the use of the site should be intuitive. The user should be able to find your product quickly and easily. And they must be aware of what happens when they click on a particular product or a particular button on the site.

“More and more online users are shopping online on their smartphones and other mobile devices. It is an ace way to keep in mind when it comes to a positive UX.” Make sure your website is also visible to mobile users.

  • Appearance and graphic elements

Slider banner

Many online stores welcome visitors with what’s called a slider at the top of their homepage – a carousel of images. After clicking on a slide image, users are redirected to a specified subpage.

Suppose you use a slider on your site. In this case, you can, for example, provide visibility to current promotions and sales offers. Moreover, you can direct potential customers to the most popular product segments or announce new products coming.

Proper Navigation is exactly another vital part of a slider. When using a carousel on your online store’s homepage, be sure to include navigation symbols such as arrows, dots, or numbers to allow customers to see subsequent photos as well.

Users can also go back to the slides they LIKE. However, keep in mind that the navigation symbol should not obscure the valuable content for the consumers.

Time is of the essence – give site visitors a few seconds to read the image. Also, try to keep the content short. After all, not only do you want your customers to read, but you also want them to see all the information on a few slides.

Another visual feature available on the online store’s home page is a banner. If you want to use all the items, it is good to display the bank with a scroll bar at the bottom of the slider.

  • Images

Another factor that helps create a good user experience is product images (both on the product and category pages). First of all, they should be of high quality, but they shouldn’t take long to load.

Let’s start with the images on the product group pages. Here you should present distinct product variations, for example, in different colors or sizes.

The product page also gives your customers a chance to show you how to use the product you are selling. Make sure site visitors are allowed to zoom in on the product image. For example, your products are sphygmomanometer and glucometer. Show them from different angles on the product page. Besides, also describe how it works.

Some stores also include 360-degree images or short videos on the product page to show details.

  • Site Navigation

A well-designed navigation bar is one of the key elements in increasing conversions. The bar should always be visible, preferably at the top of each page.

Ensure your navigation bar has product categories, a search bar, and an icon to sign in or sign up to access your shopping cart.

  • Search bar

Add an automatic search feature to your page to speed up the checkout process. And make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. For example, you can also suggest product options simply by clicking in the search field.

  • Product categories

Accurate categorization of aggregated product categories in the navigation bar is one of the most critical factors influencing accurate e-commerce navigation. Keep in mind that not all customers go directly to a product page through Google. Some come to your online store without thinking about a specific product, just looking for inspiration and advice. Therefore, different product categories should be available on each site.

  • Shopping Cart

From a user experience standpoint, a well-designed online store is one where customers have access to their shopping cart at every step of the checkout process. Therefore, it is vital to include the ability to access the navigation bar.

In addition, the consumer should always know the number of products he currently has in his cart and how much he can pay in total.

Advantages of using User Experience

Those who invest in UX and UI will have a competitive advantage. It will allow them to increase website time, conversions, and brand loyalty. Improving customer satisfaction will reduce complaints. Experience positivity is the most imperative parameter to consider when choosing one product over another.

If you have read this article, you intend to improve the offer you propose. You have surely understood how usability is fundamental for simple, happy, and smooth navigation. How often have you been forced to lock yourself due to a wrong button or an unclear menu? By contacting a reliable Medical Website Design Company, you will have the opportunity to have a site designed in the best possible way. Your website will be according to User Experience and User Interface principles. As a result, your brand recognition improves and increases conversions with less management effort.

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